May 26, 2004

sleepy time grumble available in stores now!

That's right folks, step right this way, and you too can have your very own Grumbleghoul Sleepytime Bedroom Buddy! Stuffed witha polyfill fiber and catnip, your bedtime buddy will provide hours of grumbly ghoulish dreams! As an added bonus, if you have cats, they will enjoy the benifits catnip provides!

There's nothin like a cat wound up on catnip to make your day fun and festive!

all right this rambling sucked too. but at least I enjoyed it!


May 24, 2004

Workday headaches...

We all know work sucks unless your job is meaningful to you.
even the lucky ones who love their job, you know, where you actually look forward to getting up in the morning, showering, getting dressed and showing up early because you want to,yes even those lucky few have days when they want to scream.

Today was one of those days. Unhappy customers, boss on the war path(possibly due to lack of sex in the home life),and of course as always a lack of resources to accomplish your assigned tasks. Yep, if your're a salesman, you have nothing to sell. If you're a carpenter you have no lumber or tools.

Everyone wants you to be their little task master."I'm in a bind, can you help me get this out by 3:00?" it is 2:59. Or worse;"You know that file you fixed for me yesterday? I lost it did you make a back up for me?" of course you didn't,in an ideal world you'd expect a person to have back up plans.

people suck as a whole..

individuals are kind of nice..

but mostly they suck too.

rambling on,

May 23, 2004

e-mail posting, is it worth it?

Just thought I'd try the e-mail posting available to me.
I'm pretty sure this will be cool, when I am only able to access my e-mail.

Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
Checked by AVG anti-virus system (
Version: 6.0.686 / Virus Database: 447 - Release Date: 5/14/04

is this thing on?

Just thought I'd see if this thing was on..
just killing ants on my computer desk.

Well done is just wrong.

When ordering a steak, do not order the poor slab o'beef well done.
It is an insult to your tastebuds and also to the bovine creature who gave up its life to feed you. If you must eat something with no redness or blood, may I suggest trying a "fillet of sole" straight from your beautiful new boots, or just cut a section of leather out of your jacket to gnaw on. To cook a steak to the point of well done negates the ability to have any tenderness or flavor other than the salt and seasonings in which the beef was prepared.

No my friends, the humble slab o'beef was designed to be eaten when barely browned and heated just to the point of killing life threatening diseases. With just enough salt and pepper and a few select seasonings to enhance the flavor of the meat,
there should be just enough red to satisfy the lust for blood in us all. If you are the type that has to have theirs well done...

...Go vegan!

Ok, now that I can blog, how do I see other blogs that interest me?

All right, I've figured out this posting thing, now all i need to do is figure out how to find other blogs that interest me. Am I being selfish? I think not, but there has to be a way to filter out all the nonsense and get to the meat of what interests me. if I link it here and it interests you too, all the better.
that is enough for this time around, when I figure out how to filter out the junk, I'll list it here.

my first blog

i keep hearing all the talk radio and political pundits talking about the blog-o-sphere, and I always wanted to have a place to rant. stay tuned for future cool blogs about THINGS OF INTERESTthat may have book and movie reviews as well as reviews of other blogs on the blog-o-sphere.