October 01, 2004

Tree Dace in Cincy

I just spent three days in Cincinnati Ohio at my work's warehouse there. I get to go home today.
the first night there, I went out to a comedy club where one of our delivery drivers goes on stage weekly. I arrived At the club about a half hour before they opened the doors for the performers, and since I was there, all the amateur comedians kept asking me,"Hey man, You goin' up tonight?" I had to reply NO. Not that I would've had a problem doing so, I've never had a problem working a crowd. It was just not my crowd that's all. After the show, which was rather good for an amateur night, I trekked back to the hotel room and tried to go to sleep. The hotel must have bought their mattresses from the same place Fred and Wilma Flintstone get theirs. It was like sleeping on a dry creek bed. I never did get comfortable, and didn't get to sleep till about 3:30 that morning. That really sucked because I had to get up at 6:30 that same morning to go to work. The second night after work I got something to eat and settled down to watch the presidential debate. That put me right to sleep. But I watched enough to figure out that John Kerry should never be president, much less have anything to do within our government.
that's all for now