October 27, 2004

fuzz therapy

When I get home from a grueling day at work, my cat, Dazey, runs to greet me. She's a orange tabby who is rather plump. I call her my "fuzzy pumpkin" and I thought since it was close to halloween, I'd tell you how this cat makes my day. she always greets me by the back door. I pick her up and hold her like a baby, moving her hind feet out of the way of her fat belly, I then lower my face into her fuzzy belly and shake my head back and forth. I call this fuzz therapy and if you have a cat, I suggest you try it. It really relieves the stresses of the day.

While I'm thinking of it, why did we name a carved pumpkin after some irish dude?
I mean Jack is a pretty common Irish name. The O'lantern has gotta be irish.
so this year i'm carving a shamrock into my pumpkin to celebrate this obviously irish holiday.

I also introduced this site to someone I work with who shall remain nameless.
this person politely asked me not to mention said person in the context of making fun of the person who made this request. Yeah, I think i got that right I wasn't sure with all those persons to not make fun of.