July 02, 2004

Poker for chocolate!

I realise most people, when they play poker, they play for money. Sometimes just penny ante, sometimes the stakes are higher. But as for my friends and I, we play for chocolate.
Our first poker night was extremely fun as we got to know some new people in the group. I tried to bluff on every hand and the guys knowing me well enough called... often. I left without much chocolate. However, the fun we had was immense.
Our second poker night was held at one of the newest members to our tribe. We played with chips. Real chips. 11.5 oz each, great feel and weight to them just like at a casino. We still played for chocolate, but this time it was a little more satisfying raking in the chips after a particularly good hand.
Our third poker night I will be hosting. It has been awhile since the crew has been over and I am looking forward to getting fat off my winnings.
I'm just a little more conservative with my wagers now than i was at first. betting only on good hands and bluffing just often enough to get away with it.

this has been another disjointed rambling by J