June 24, 2004

I'm pretty sure I got it now...

I spent all night last night trying my hand at customizing a skin I picked up at blogskins.com. I never could get it just right. I wanted the ease of the blogspot templates but with a sidebar on each side.
that way I could have all the info I want you to see all on one page. My grasp of html and xml are about the same as my grasp on the spanish and french languages. i.e. i know how to ask for a restraunt, a restroom, a beer, and a potato. also how to count almost to twenty. i can make a redundant link to this page or even add a picture like this:
i think I could be wrong

if i dont see this title i'll be pissed!

I better see this title!

June 23, 2004

woo hoo!!

June 22, 2004

This is not really about a scrambled seminar...

This weekend the company I work for is putting on a golf scramble and tech seminar.

This means I have to work late Friday night and all day Saturday.

This means golden opportunities abound for me to not have much fun.

This means that I'll just get on with it and get over it.

This is the last line of this blog beginning with "this.".

This is me using "this" to start another line.

This is surely beginning to get on your nerves.

This is why you don't read my blog very often.

This was kind of fun to write.

This is hard to do coming up with sentences that make sense beginning with this.

This is why creative writing exercises generally suck.

This is also a way to fill space on the page.

This is a pretty lame excuse for a posting.

This is about me trying to come up with more "this" ideas.

This is about me failing miserably at it.

This is me signing off for the evening...

This is J