May 09, 2006

I fell for it hook line and...

There is an older gentleman who comes into my store twice a week to fill up the vending machines, and over time we've become friends. We'll tell each other lame jokes, but this guy is a master of the ol' bait the hook, reel 'em in long story lame jokes.

He said to me last week "Did I ever tell you about the time I was downtown in the hospital district and an ambulance came flying by with its back doors open?" I said no, go ahead.

He said "yeah, this ambulance went around the corner real fast and the doors flew open and a few things fell out, and I went to check out what they were. There were a couple of things that looked like the things you check your blood pressure with, and a small cloth type cooler, you know like people take their lunch to work in? I opened it it up and there was a lot of ice, so I rooted around in there a little bit and found a plastic bag inside."

I asked what was in it.

He said,"There was a big toe, looked like it was ripped off pretty roughly, the nail was kind of yellow, and there was bone showing. It was rather disgusting I thought. I didn't know which hospital the ambulance was headed to, and I knew somebody would be wanting their toe back."
I asked him what he did with it, and he said,"I thought about it and I thought about it... I really didn't know what to do! So I....."

Wait for it!

Here It Comes!!!!

He said,"So I called a TOE TRUCK!"
I was embarrassed by the fact that I truly fell for his dumb joke.

til I blog again,


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