February 25, 2006


This is a weblog designed to entertain masses only when a computer with internet access is readily available.
Lately I haven't been blogging due to the fact that my internet connection is extremely slow and my wife has to "log out"of any screen that she happens to be in before she will allow someone, namely me, to have acces to the computer. I get home late most evenings and I would rather spend time with my daughter, but my wife is always on the computer anyway so it really doesn't matter whether I want to post something or not.
About the most interesting thing that has happened to me lately has been nothing worth reporting.
I hope this satisfies you till i can get my new computer.


Random thought: If you won the lottery, would you paint yourself blue and run naked through the airport?
I would.
They would say,
"Oh, he's got millions, he's being eccentric."
Yup, That's what I would do.


At 4:55 PM, Anonymous bradley2099 said...

"only when a computer with internet access is readily available."- I have one...


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