September 17, 2004

A brief glance at my day

I woke up before the alarm this morning feeling rather good. I rolled over on my side to spoon with my wife before I actually had to get up and get ready. After I showered and dressed, I gathered my things already prepared for my long daily commute, kissed my wife, and headed out the door. My first stop of the morning was at the gas station around the corner from my house to cash a check so I could buy gas cheaper seven miles down the road. I know. You're saying "seven miles to save a few cents?". Yes. Especially since the cents difference was over the double digit mark! You should know that that equals an extra gallon(or more)on a $10.00 fuel purchase. Of course my second stop was at said cheaper gas station. I seem to be getting to know gas station personnel rather well these days. I got back on the road again, listening to a morning zoo type show and listening for the sporadic traffic reports they provided, and wouldn't you know it, I got stuck in the traffic jam of a wreck about five minutes before the radio warned me. Great. I was making such good time too. (I wanted to get to work early enough to land a primo parking spot and enjoy some coffee in the knowledge that come quitting time I wouldn't have to make the overland day trip to the north 40 of the lot!)
After sitting stock still for an hour and a half without enough room to turn back and search for an alternate route, the wonderful boys in blue finally let us pass. I still had about half my drive to go to get there.
By the time I got to work, I was 25 minutes late. I resigned to parking at an approximate 5 minute walking distance which put me at a half hour late. When I walked through the door, I was in desperate need of a urinal, and as I made my way to the nearest means room I was stopped by our receptionist.
"Call your wife, I may have gotten her worried about you." she said. She had called my home as per company policy to inquire as to my whereabouts and made my wife a nervous wreck. Just as i made it to the much needed urinal, the boss entered the restroom asking me where I've been and what took me so long.
I don't really like talking to the boss when I'm pissing, but I answered his questions to his satisfaction.
I found out that earlier that morning, the boss found a roach in the shipping department. Not the kind you kill with raid mind you, the kind that if you have them in your house, the police come over to fumigate the premises.
it was kind of fun to see the boss going around with his "suspicious bastard" act aimed at something other than me for a change. The rest of the day was so action packed and busy, I haven't the room to list all the events here, but I may list some of the finer points at a later date.

September 13, 2004

helping the main man

Just spent a half hour helping my grandpa with his computer, for someone who wasn't around them a whole lot he is very computer literate. When he gets stumped tho, he calls for me or the Mrs. To be honest we usually are only showing him shortcuts to get him where he wants to be, and usually he figures it out before i can get there
very cool...
gotta go for now