May 23, 2004

Well done is just wrong.

When ordering a steak, do not order the poor slab o'beef well done.
It is an insult to your tastebuds and also to the bovine creature who gave up its life to feed you. If you must eat something with no redness or blood, may I suggest trying a "fillet of sole" straight from your beautiful new boots, or just cut a section of leather out of your jacket to gnaw on. To cook a steak to the point of well done negates the ability to have any tenderness or flavor other than the salt and seasonings in which the beef was prepared.

No my friends, the humble slab o'beef was designed to be eaten when barely browned and heated just to the point of killing life threatening diseases. With just enough salt and pepper and a few select seasonings to enhance the flavor of the meat,
there should be just enough red to satisfy the lust for blood in us all. If you are the type that has to have theirs well done...

...Go vegan!


At 5:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey man, i like steak well done. properly cooked , it doesn't matter how brown it is. matter of fact, i like it burnt. well done is an american standard, like baseball and apple pie! and if you don't like the american way, then go back to eatin' snails and cold soup, frenchie!!!
-your biggest fan


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