May 26, 2005

Even More Proof!!

Went with my family (wife, daughter, mother&father-in-law) to the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky. Had a grand time, got to see sharks and otters and eels oh my! it was great fun. then we browsed at the Galleria at Newport. after that we went to the town of Florence, Kentucky. Home of the Florence Mall. It is a mall folks. A mall. It has the same stores in it that every other decent mall in america has. Except for one store. This mall has a B. Moss clothing store. There used to be one in Bloomington, but it closed down. It is my wife's all time favorite store. She had never in the past been able to spend less than an hour or fifty bucks in this store when it was in bloomington, so I figured I could safely spend about fifteen minutes in the record shop across the way. I went back to the store I left my wife in and walked back to the waiting/fitting room area (this place is nice, it even has husband seating) and called out my wife's name. I got a response. I asked what outfit did she pick out when the voice said,"Who the Hell are You?!!"
So I said,"Well, Who te hell are you?!!"
more silence...
I called my wife's name again...
no answer....(rustle of clothing heavy breathing doorknobrattling....
This very large and ugly woman came out of the dressing room as I had made my way to the cash register to inquire about my bride.
She cussed me out for "harassing" women in the dressing room.
I explained to the lady thusly:"I called out my wife's name, You answered, How Is that harassment?"
she bitched some more..
I then spake thusly:"If you were my wife I'd divorce you immediately and hope our children didn't look or act like you."
She bitched some more. (pure kentucky drawl the entire time)
You should have seen the poor sales ladies trying to hold back their laughter. some were in tears.
I just ignored her and left.

Later that evening we, on the suggestion of my in-laws, went to eat at the Olive Garden.
Eating at an olive garden in Florence, Ky, or the greater cincinnati area is like eating at an olive garden anywhere else in the world. It is still sort of ok. A little over priced but still ok.
I do truly enjoy going to areas i haven't been before so I can go to the mall and see all the same stores as at the mall at home and eat somewhere I could eat at five nights a week after work if I wanted to.
But I cant complain. Pictures to be posted soon.



At 10:01 PM, Anonymous tunesnky said...

The Mall huh? Try Wal-mart. I can drive for miles and miles, hour after hour to go on a vacation. My lovely bride just has to go to the Wal-mart (there is one in every town, trust me). And the first thing I hear when we go into there is "huh,It looks just like the one at home!"
Go figure.


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