November 13, 2004

I read a surprisingly good book this week

The book is called ERAGON .
when I found out that the author started on this novel at the age of fifteen, and is nineteen now, I thought to myself: "Just how good can this book be?"
even though it is based upon a large amount of fantasy fiction cliché it was very well written, well rounded characters, and enough descriptive scenery to create a whole new world to explore.

the fantasy fiction clichés were as follows: boy of questionable parentage finds valuable object, object becomes more than what it seems. Boy hides object, trouble arises over object. Older fellow takes boy under his wing and trains him in strength, mind, and magic. Wicked king rules land. Lots of ugly monsters and other critters of evil. Big rebellion coming up. Wicked king uses armies of uglies to fight good guys. Boy meets girl.
and also, boy becomes man.

Not necessarily in that order.

I recommend you read it if you like any fantasy fiction.

it is found in the young-adult section of your local bookstore/public library, but it has a lot more meat to it than your average young-adult novel.

P.S. the kitties are happy, we scooped their poop


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