November 08, 2004

cats gotta pee....

Dogs gotta poop. A litterbox fiasco the kitties just wont let us live down.

About a week ago, we had a massive oil leak from our lawn mower. What did we use to clean it up? You got it, Kitty Litter! How much of it idi we use? All of it. Why did we use all of it? Because it was a big spill. And we use the cheap stuff you buy in those fifty pound bags. we were down to the last. Guess what we forgot to buy at our local Wholesale club this week??? You got it once again! Man you're a genius. It was Kitty Litter.

For one of our three cats this is a devastating event. For her, if the litter isn't at least cleaned daily, she gets nutty. After a week she stops going around the litterbox, and uses our tub. I know you're saying "At least its not the carpet." Yeah, you'd be right there, until about 6:00 am when you step into that tub to take a shower(not looking in the tub first I mean c'mon, it is 6 a.m.) only to step onto a tootsie roll sized turd.

Is it not enough that I have to dodge land mines the dogs leave in our yard, that I have to dodge them indoors as well?????

That said, tomorrow morning were stopping at a store, any store to buy cat litter.
watch me forget again
i usually do


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