July 06, 2004

Good times

Well, another 4th of July holiday weekend has passed marking yet another year I've made it through without losing a digit!
Yessiree, I made it through the whole weekend without blowing myself up. Oh sure there were the usual array of bottle rockets, M80's, and firecrackers to delight and amuse all who attended. Since the alcohol was flowing pretty freely, I was sure that my sober ass was gonna be driving someone to the emergency room. Alas, no. No one was quite that drunk.
I did, however, witness a M80 embed pieces of an aluminum can into the side of a tree. A poor man's hand grenade I think it was called. Also, the little known fact that bottle rockets, when shot into a body of water at the right time, will explode underwater and STUN ANY FISH near enough to the explosion!
Well that's all for now, I hope you still have all the digits you began the holiday with.
till next time J


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